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Debt Covenant Management
Modeling, planning and implementing a program to ensure that your organization maintains its debt covenants is important to ensure you have continued access to capital. When your organization has violated or is in jeopardy of violating its debt covenants, it is critically important to objectively assess the situation. You must implement a plan of action to ensure future compliance and manage your lender relations. Trusent Solutions understands lenders and can assist you in navigating through difficult financial times, while building creditability and confidence with your lenders. Some of our areas of specialty include:

    • Management of Rating Agencies, Lenders, Investors
    • Consultants Report to Lenders for Covenant Violations
    • Days Cash on Hand
    • Debt to Cash Flow
    • Maximum Annual Debt Service (MADS)
    • Debt Service Coverage
    • Debt to Capitalization

Trusent Solutions has the capabilities and experience to deploy healthcare turnaround experts who will work with you to achieve compliance with your covenants and ensure financial success.

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