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Charge Description Master Analysis
Trusent Solutions can assist you in a comprehensive (100% line-by-line analysis) or department specific analysis of your Charge Description Master (CDM).  An accurate and relevant CDM is critical to the financial viability and compliance success of hospitals, clinical laboratories and other provider types. This analysis promotes compliant use of CPT-HCPCS and revenue codes that facilitates correct reimbursement and reduces claims rejections, denials and cash flow disruptions.

Our CDM analysis also determines:

  • Charge description correlation with current CPT/HCPCS code descriptions
  • Eligible services not being charged
  • Unused, duplicate and invalid services
  • The accuracy of hard coded modifier assignments
  • The accuracy of bundled services
  • Charges requiring “hard  coding”  and “soft coding,” and
    proper pricing

Our proven methodology consists of pre-site visit analytical analysis of the CDM, and on-site interviews of department heads and designated staff. Our services also include a formal educational session on the results of the analysis and our recommendations. 

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