Financial Improvement

Cash Flow/Cash Days Improvement
Cash flow and managing cash days is critical to survival and future growth. That is why it is important to partner with a team that understands the complex healthcare revenue cycle and all aspects of cash management. Our consultants have directly managed the cash flow management of healthcare organizations with annual cash flow in excess of $5 billion. While serving in those roles, our team has planned, implemented and realized cash flow improvement initiatives resulting in annual cash flow improvement in excess of $300 million. Some of the initiatives successfully led by our consultants include:

    • Revenue Cycle/Accounts Receivable Process Improvement
    • Capital Spending/ROI Process Improvement
    • Disbursement Cycle/Accounts Payable Process Improvement
    • Asset Sale (Identification, Negotiation, Closing)

Our team has also managed payment relationships with over 2,500 national payors.

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