Education & Training (Laboratory)

Trusent Solutions offers education and training services for all aspects of clinical laboratory operations. Trusent educators have addressed national and regional healthcare organizations, trade associations and professional groups. Trusent has experience in implementing the compliance training requirements for health plans, hospitals and Medicare downstream providers. Examples of education and training sessions we have conducted include:

  • Basic and Advanced Statistical Training
  • Successful revenue cycle management
  • Laboratory Outpatient coding essentials and annual update
  • Compliance program policies and procedures
  • Annual and new-hire compliance training
  • Claims auditing and monitoring techniques
  • RAT-STATS Training

Research demonstrates that training is most effective when learning is tested and validated. Trusent Solutions will utilize its business experience and training expertise to tailor an education and training program that meets your specific needs, as well as develop an effective on-line program for testing, reporting and follow-up training.


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