Compliance Services

Interim and Outsourced Laboratory Compliance Officer Services
Trusent Solutions offers Interim and Outsourced Laboratory Compliance Officer services to academic medical centers, hospitals, clinical laboratories and physician practices. Compliance Officer services include, but are not limited to, conducting or leading:

  • Compliance program development and enhancement
  • Risk assessments
  • Claims analysis
  • Monitoring, including dashboard development
  • Audit, task and statistical work plan development
  • Researching coding
  • Consolidating policies and procedures and billing questions
  • Training and education
  • Corrective actions tracking and implementation
  • Background, exclusions and sanctions checking

Our services also include handling management tasks such as interacting with your Board and committees, and preparing summary reports on compliance activities.  Whether your Laboratory Compliance Officer is on an extended leave, short-staffed or the position is vacant and requires full time attention, we stand ready to assist you.


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