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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have released the new Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol (the “SRDP”) which establishes a process to voluntarily self-disclose violations of the Stark Law, including physician contracts and other financial arrangements.  In return for self-reporting violations, “disclosing parties” are eligible for reduced government penalties.  The SRDP requires a financial analysis of the liability going back to the date of the violation.  This could be days, months or even years. If violations are fully investigated and identified early, the SRDP may be a useful vehicle for limiting overall liability. To make a disclosure, participants must submit a detailed description of the actual or potential violation and must provide a financial analysis of any payments due and owing.

Therefore, providers must carefully consider their self-disclosure options, and assess the potential benefits and risks (financial or otherwise) before making any strategic decisions. Trusent Solutions provides contract review services that can red and yellow flag areas for further analysis.  We act as consulting support for your compliance officer or legal team, thereby saving you money and time.  We employ highly trained and experienced consultants that are adept at spotting potential trouble spots.

The Trusent Solutions consultant team is also skilled and experienced in reviewing managed care and commercial payor contracts. Our advice is not meant to substitute for legal advice. Our analysis focuses on the financial and operational aspects of the contracts and we will provide recommendations to assist you in achieving a positive financial impact.

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