Case Studies

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company Turnaround

Our consultants have designed and led the implementation of a comprehensive turnaround plan for a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company with over 3,000 employees and over $4 billion of annual cash flow. Within eighteen months of implementation, this initiative achieved the following results:

  • Reduction in Operating Costs of over $3 million
  • Improvement in annual cash flow of over $120 million
  • Improvement of employee satisfaction scores from 44% to 92%
    (the highest level in the company’s history)
  • Reduction in employee turnover from 35% to under 5%

Some of the major actions taken to achieve this dramatic improvement included:

  • Cultural assessment and creation of a vision, mission and strategy
  • Reorganization to centralize operations and implementation of a high performance team model (several management layers were eliminated)
  • Extensive training, focus groups, communication, town meetings and alignment of incentives
  • Implementation of streamlined customer focused processes utilizing Six Sigma Techniques and best practices
  • System conversion and upgrade

This operation won Best in Company Awards for employee satisfaction, diversity, financial improvement, standardization and Six Sigma at their Annual Leadership Forum.


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